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Blind Magic ~ Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Proudly serving the Tampa Bay Area since 1990, Blind Magic is a family owned and operated business. 

 We specialize in hi-tech, eco- friendly blind cleaning. 

We offer same day service as well as repairs, sales and installation of new blinds. 

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Why Ultrasound?

The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning cavitation is caused by sound waves that create millions of tiny bubbles traveling at incredibly high speeds through water. Theses bubbles impregnate all parts of the blinds and implode causing dirt to be gently lifted from surfaces. 

Imagine millions of tiny scrub brushes impregnating themselves into every niche and crevice, every grimy headrail, every fiber on ladders and cords, completely covering every single surface to be cleaned.

These tiny scrub brushes implode with a gentle force caused by the ultrasonic vacuum, and carry off dirt instantly.

There's no scratching, pitting or other damage usually seen with conventional cleaning methods. Even steam cleaning ruins blind surfaces. Hand dusting is the least acceptable solution because it creates static electricity which inevitably attracts dirt, causing surfaces to get dusty even faster.


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Blind Magic ~ Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

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